Friday, June 24, 2011

Buy All You as low as 83 cents an issue and help raise money to aid tornado victims!

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You have your choice of several different magazines! All You is just one I really like because they offer great coupons.  You can buy 15 issues for $15 or 30 issues for $25 (that is only 83 cents an issue)!!! This is a special that bloggers are participating in, in order to help raise money. I am having trouble setting up my picture right now, but it is me!!!
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Fun Freebies

Online fundraising campaign with Click 4 Hope

Message from Fun Freebies

April and May of 2011 is permanently marked with Americans experiencing the largest tornado outbreak in US history. The devastation to individuals and families in the Southeast is unspeakable and life shattering, with a price tag of over $5 billion. Our hearts are heavy for those who have suffered so much tragic loss.

Join with us to help bring relief and restoration to these tornado-torn towns. A simple magazine can make a big difference. All You is a favorite & valuable tool for many, and just one of over 600 favorites. Together, we can combine our reach to make a difference, donating up to 40% of every sale to aid in disaster relief efforts.

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