Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chance to win free products from Sauve!

***UPDATE All that is left is coupons and coupons for free product.  All higher level prizes have been taken***
Due to high traffic, you may have problems viewing the videos. Wait and try again later if you have problems!
Watch videos and take a quiz to receive two free full-size Suave Professionals products or coupons or even higher-value freebies. After the site loads, you will see 8 icons at the bottom, each one for a different video to watch and then you select which model was styled with Suave Professionals. Tip: The Professional is not always right, go with the hair that looks the best!
If you select three correct answers you will receive one full-size Suave Professionals product,  four correct answers to receive two free full-size products. Coupons are offered for two correct answers or less. For five correct answers you get a free beauty magazine subscription, six correct answers a free styling tool, seven correct answers a free web styling consultation, eight correct answers a free year’s worth of Suave products.

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